The analysis will be conducted properly. There are

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The foundation for policy analysis emphasize the
forces that influence how a problem gets attention from the government; how the
problem is influenced by politics; what the government does and whether the
government handles the problem effectively (Houston, et al, 1998). When
analysts take these four techniques to practice the analysis will be conducted
properly. There are various steps to consider when undertaking a policy

Along with the implementation of new federal agencies,
just about every state has home offices in which to work directly or indirectly
with these federal agencies so that not everything is coming out of Washington

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There are a lot of different things can influence the
way crime bills are written and how laws are passed.

Each politician
has their own agenda when it comes to crime bills, the public can certain
influence the way people vote on different matters, and of course the media can
play a significant role in the way people think and fell about crime.

Most people take
their political cues from the media. Some people will not even vote for a
politician until the media endorses that individual.

So, there are a
lot of different forces at play when it comes to crime and the criminal justice
policy procedure.

People most often use the media to help form opinion
about crime and criminal justice policies. However, when it comes to crime, the
media may not show the real picture (Marion, 2006). The media may exaggerate a
situation to get better ratings, or let the perception show that all criminals
are a certain age or race. The media has a way of distorting the facts to suit
the needs of the station and make people think that all criminals look like
animals when they look like any average individual.

However, it is not just the media that has influence
on law and public policy makers. There are interest groups that lobby to get
their position on certain items on the floor for a vote. Interest groups are
those individuals that try to influence the policy-making system by lobbying
and proving information to other individuals that have the same interests.
These groups can provide funding in the form of campaign contributions,
providing volunteers when it comes time for elected officials to campaign for
their position in politics. These interest groups all work to get their special
project out there for a vote.

As much as the media and interest groups can influence
those in public policy, the American people can have just as much influence.
Everything seen on TV, written by the media, can influence the way people
think, and in turn, the way the votes go. If people feel threatened by a
current or recent crime spree, they are going to expect the elected officials
to do something about it. But if those officials do not take it as serious as
the people do, the people will replace them with those that take it as serious
and will do something about it. The tone of the people is what gets politicians
to listen to what the voters have to say. And, a lot of politicians use certain
crime bills to get their campaign on the road and headed for success. Those
that want to replace the older politicians with new blood will listen to what
is being said out there about crime because crime and criminal justice issues
are always a hot topic.

To understand the criminal justice system and the
public policy process is very important for Americans to understand how crime
control is kept, how the policy process works, and how those in office
influence public opinion. While crime has dropped greatly in the last decade,
there are still a lot of crime issues and crime policies that need to be
addressed. While those involved in criminal justice and, probably most
Americans, agree that more needs to be done to lower the crime rate, there are
severe differences over how this should be taken care of. Some individuals
believe that tougher enforcement policies should be looked at, including
increased spending on law enforcement and prison facilities, longer sentences
for offenders, and increase the use of the death penalty for the more serious
crimes. Others will argue that more money needs to be spent on prevention,
including social services and education, to provide hope and opportunity for
potential offenders.

Encouraging law makers to be proactive instead of
reactive when it comes to crime fighting will help the policy process go
farther. These policies also need to be kept on top of; instead of writing
policies to deal with the issues at hand, it also needs to be taken into
consideration future crime issues. The only way to stay ahead of criminals is
to think 10 steps ahead of those criminals. Crime evolves more and more every
day, and those involved in lawmaking and elected officials need to realize that
to keep crime at bay. 


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