About Us

Who we are

CCAK is a professional association formed in 2012 and officially registered in 2013. It has 41 members comprising representatives from government, academia, private sector, donor agencies, NGOs and individuals active in the clean cooking sector.

CCAK’s mission is to facilitate the scaling up of the clean cookstoves and clean fuels markets in Kenya through convening and coordinating the sector, advocating for enabling government policies, creating public awareness and capacity building. The association strives to build solidarity amongst relevant stakeholders and creates effective partnerships to ensure the use of clean cookstoves and fuels is the norm in Kenyan households and institutions. CCAK is dedicated to this goal because clean cookstoves and fuels save time, lives, money, forests and provide employment. Our aim as CCAK is to facilitate the increase of adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels by all institutions and 5 million households in Kenya by 2020. Currently, CCAK is widely recognized by Government, private sector, civil society and other stakeholders in the sector as the “voice” of clean cooking. The benefits accrued by CCAK members include:

  1. Ability to leverage funding for developing the sector in Kenya – both grants and private sector investments
  2. Benefit from lobbying and advocacy – for development of standards, quality and testing facilities. CCAK is already recognized as the coordinating body in the sub-sector by government agencies such as Ministries of Energy & Petroleum (MoEP) as well as Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MoALF), Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute (KIRDI)
  3. Participation in global discussions through the Global Alliance, to which CCAK is affiliated
  4. Access to CCAKs branding
  5. Information sharing on the latest developments in the clean cooking sector in Kenya and globally
  6. Market linkage through market development events.

The association aims at addressing the following objectives as stipulated in the Kenya Country Action Plan (CAP):

Objective 1: Strengthen partners’ collective concerns on issues of clean cookstoves and fuels for the creation of appropriate policies, implementation strategies and regulatory frameworks.

Objective 2: Facilitate the transfer of local and global knowledge and skills on clean cookstoves and fuels to Kenyan stakeholders.

Objective 3: To enhance demand, strengthen supply and create an enabling environment for the clean cookstoves and fuels market.

CCAK also focuses on the following strategic issues:

  • Coordinate Kenyan clean cooking sector and convene partners and stakeholders to develop clear and common strategies to ignite change in the market.
  • Promote the clean cooking and fuel sector in Kenya at both the national and international level and advocate for policies and regulatory frameworks to support the market to scale up.