“A selection of the crops must be problematic

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“A procedure
of rising different crops in succession on a piece of land in an exact period
of time with an object to get supreme profit from minimum asset without damaging
the soil richness.”

the similar crop is recurrently grown on the same land-dwelling it is mentioned
as monoculture or monocropping (e.g., rice-rice-rice) while crop rotation is the boring cultivation of an arranged
succession of different crops
and crops and fallow on the same terrestrial. One cycle may take numerous years
(one year or more than one
year) to whole e.g., rice-rice-pulse
(one year), sugarcane–ratoon sugarcane–Rice (2or 3 years), banana–ratoon
banana–rice (3 years).

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crops with tap origins should be followed by stringy roots. The leguminous
crops should be full-grown before non-leguminous crops. More exhaustive crops must
be tracked by less exhaustive crops. Selection of the crop should be claim
based. The crop of the similar family should not be grownup in succession. A perfect
crop rotation is one, which delivers maximum service to the farm household. The
selection of the crops must be problematic based. In low-lying and deluge prone
area, the crops, which can tolerate water stagnation should be selected. Under
dry farming the crops, which can tolerate the drought should be nominated.

selection of crops should suit farmer’s economic conditions. The crop particular
should also outfit the soil and climatic situations. Crop rotation helps in preserving
of soil fertility, organic matter gratified and reprocessing of plant nutrients.
All crops do not need the plant nutrients in the same amount. If dissimilar
crops are grown in rotation, the fertility of land is used more squarely and efficiently.
Restorative crops like substantial foliage crops and green manure crops comprised
in rotation increase the nitrogen and organic matter content of the soil.

in control of exact weeds like bermuda grass, sedges and etc. Evades buildup of toxins and upholds
physical belongings of soil. Controls sure soil borne pests and disease. Reduces
the pressure of work due to dissimilar farm actions in a specified period of


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