A principles by which a country is to

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constitution sets out the basic rules and principles by which a country is to
be governed. ‘A world without a constitution is a house without a roof’. By
this phrase, you can imagine the importance of the constitution, as it impacts
everything that we do, is an instrument of control. A codified constitution as
found in America alludes to a state or nation that has its standards and
standards recorded in one single document while an uncodified constitution as
in the UK, Israel, New Zeland , Saudi Arabia has no composed laws or standards
and is alluded to similar to an unwritten constitution. In the following
paragraphs, the UK’S constitution will be discussed .”The fact that Britain
lacks a capital-C constitution is far less important that is often made out1”
this topic is found to be complicated so the absolute answer doesn’t exist yet.
Some good questions that can be asked to see if the UK’S constitution works
probably would be” does the constitution develop alongside the modern
society”? does the UK constitution need to be changed from uncodified
constitution into codified?

Sovereign states everywhere throughout the world are administered by a
constitution, which supports the laws of the nation. Most nations have a
written constitution while the UK distinctly possesses an unwritten
an unwritten constitution is based on a convention which has the benefit of
being greatly versatile or adaptable. Since it is unwritten, it can be changed
effortlessly to manage new circumstances at any time.3
The unwritten Constitution changes to reflect the times in which we live and
can be easily amended to keep up with society’s changes, a standout amongst the
most imperative parts of the UK’s constitution is that it changes to mirror the
circumstances in which we live and can be effortlessly revised to stay aware of
society’s progressions.

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     Moreover, the constitution of the UK contains
very important aspects like Human Rights Act 1998 which play very crucial role in
our society like, everyone has the right to life, the right to a fair trial, the
right to freedom of expression, the right to education, this right, deriving
from the European Convention on Human Rights and expressed in the Human Rights
Act, which may be qualified by law are available to all persons within the
United  Kingdom4.
Also, another important aspect of the constitution of the UK is Magna Carta.                   Today, only three of these remain on the
statute books; one defends the liberties and rights of the English Church,
another confirms the liberties and customs of London and other towns, and the
third gives all English subjects the right to justice and a fair trial5.

The past decade has seen the UK constitution undergo plentiful amendment
processes is a bad feature to draw from.Surely,
the politics of the day in the UK lack
considerable respect for the constitution
and has always carelessly made amendments for political gains. Prominently, the
constitution has been anything but difficult to alter since there are no
composed arrangements that accommodated the terms of transforming it or denying
corrections. As of late, in the political field, it has been seen that any
political pioneer in the workplace can move the constitution through the
parliament to pick up a political preferred standpoint over the contenders. Gordon
Brown in the last elections calculated and called an election to happen a time
earlier than the normal time since he felt that he was enjoying a bigger
winning advantage than competitors at the time. However, he did not succeed in
his plans; future leaders would probably
do the same making the country appear disorganized.

Following acutely the corrections
that have been going on in the UK constitution in the current years, it turns
out unmistakably that there has been a programmed political will significantly
more than the altruism of serving the nation. Strikingly, such corrections have
confronted the slightest restriction or protection consistently, bringing up
the issue of the measure of indiscretion that has developed among our pioneers.
Seldom, the administration has considered the general population’s sentiment
instead of the political remain in making of imperative nations course like its
enrolment to the EU. The year 1975 is the just a single in the record where the
administration required a submission to get the people groups conclusion on
their interpretation of EU participation6.
In any case, just quickly, the government officials changed the connection
between the general population’s command and the death of imperative political
choices so to speak earlier and rested that part exclusively to the duty of the

a country with a written constitution it’s the safety for the society and
provides protection of individual rights, also provides a clear statement of
how the state should operate with no uncertainty over words, everyone can read
and agree what it says 7.
A question that is haunting people for many the years “Could the UK have a written
constitution”? many
people believe that the system of an unwritten constitution works and works
well. It has been made during the time that has seen the UK develop into what
is today. It has been created in view of extraordinary occasions as well as
awesome personalities of the area giving it an unmistakable kind of pride. Nothing
is like its kind and it is definitely functional. With that in mind, one must
ask himself, “Why should I fix that which is not broken”?8.

this point of view, UK   has both types of  a constitution (written and unwritten ), it
could not be said that the UK  has an
only unwritten constitution, Magna Carta? is a single document written down which
is one of the most famous documents in the world. It says that it established the
principle that everyone is subject to the law, even the king, and guarantees
the rights of individuals, the right to justice and the right to a fair trial.9 ,the
Bill of rights? which is also a very popular document all around the world , which
says that we have the right of freedom of speech, or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of

So the UK could be said that have no
unwritten either written constitution is something in the middle, but. It’s
something that is unique.

 Otherwise, if the UK ever would have a written
constitution it would be difficult to amend if the provisions become outdated, also
it may lead to litigation over the precise meanings of the terms used, particularly
if the language is outdated, and it may be inflexible and unresponsive to

the other hand, a written
constitution would make the British citizens feel economically and culturally
safe, the country’s leadership would be less corrupted and the law will not
amend every other day and the reflection of the country globally will be trustworthy.

  Summing up, regardless of Brexit which will
include some changes on how the system works in the United Kingdom, the European
student’s loan which has a crucial base in the UK won’t be affected. The UK
does not need to change anything because the system works very well. United Kingdom
provides many opportunities like, the placement year of student’s, finding a
job without or with qualification. All these facts are based on the
constitution of each country , because a word meaning of constitution is the
natural and essential law of a country or state, which might be written or
unwritten, building up the character and origination of its administration,
laying the fundamental standards to which its 
internal life is to be confirmed, organizing the government, and
regulating, distributing, and limiting the functions of its different
departments, and prescribing the extent and manner of the exercise of sovereign

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